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/Specialist Newborn Photography in Crawley Down

Specialist Newborn Photography in Crawley Down

Baby Jack came to visit me (he brought along his mum and dad) for his first official photographs at the age of 14 days new.  He took a little while to get nice and sleepy (which his mum facilitated brilliantly by the magic of feeding and cuddles) but that is why I don’t ever schedule back to back sessions – each newborn session has at least two hours in the studio so we aren’t rushed and we can fit in with the new person’s needs.  All babies are different but the one thing that they have in common is that they will do what they want and never, ever ‘work’ when they are hungry!  Once he had got nice and sleepy though, he was just the perfect model.

His mum and dad had brought along a few things that they wanted included – their favourite babysuit, a turtle outfit and his first teddy bear (pictured getting a good old cuddle above) and that is a great way to personalise your session.  I have lots of props, blankets and accessories in the studio for you to choose from but it is always nice to bring along something that means a lot to you as a family – it can be anything from outfits and toys to football scarves and other hobby related accessories.

When you book a newborn session with me, you automatically receive membership to our Joey Club first year photography club (normal price £39.95) which entitles you to three sessions during the year, plus one image from each presented in a triple aperture wall frame at the end of the year (you can find out all the details about it here) so I look forward to meeting with Jack and his parents regularly through his first year.

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