Libby, long name Elizabeth, came to visit the studio for her newborn photos along with her parents (well I guess that bit is obvious really).

Anyway, as well as bringing along a very beautiful week old baby girl, they also brought along some brilliant other items to include in their session.  Dad is mad on sports and brought along his team’s rugby colours, and his cricket bat and ball.  His mum brought along the medals from her pregnant running events plus the guide from Glastonbury festival that they both rocked out at (even thought Libby didn’t seem to remember a lot of it when asked).  Then they also brought along a Hungry Caterpillar outfit because, well, do you really need a reason?

As well as working with all of these fantastic items to create a beautiful and personal set of images, we also took some prop free images. I had seen the quote that’s above on Pinterest the other day and it sprung to mind whilst I was editing their images as it just seemed to perfectly sum up this new family.