Hi Cassie, these are just some quick snaps to give you a tour of the studio.

So this is what you see when you get to the drive, the house in front and we go down the path on the left.  The dog won’t be there obviously, he was just hanging out outside with me today.


This is the path that we go down to get to the studio.

and this is the studio.

When we get inside we go left into what I call the light side which is basically a big white room with  a big photographic light inside it. Just noticed the floors a bit messy today but it won’t be when you come 🙂

This is how it looks when you’re where you’re going to be when you have your picture taken.  I’ll be to the right of the light as you look at it and every time I take a picture the big light will flash really fast.  The camera makes a little click noise but it’s pretty quiet – I can show you that better when you come to visit.

and this is me.  I am smiling even though I hate selfies and yes, my hair usually is that messy 🙂