Wedding Photography at Gatwick Manor Hotel

/Wedding Photography at Gatwick Manor Hotel

Wedding Photography at Gatwick Manor Hotel

Funnily enough, this was another wedding of two halves (I’ve now done a couple of these this year – maybe we are at the beginning of a new trend!).  Anton and Christine had a multi cultural wedding with Christine’s German family making the trip to join Anton’s in England.  They started the day in the Gatwick Manor Hotel with a civil service in the Shipley Suite and then we had a break for some photographs before moving on to the Friary Church in Crawley for the religious part of the day.  Both services equally lovely and just packed with personal details designed to incorporate everyone into the celebrations regardless of what their first language was.

After the church ceremony however, there was one thing organised by the bride’s sister that I would love to see again.  There was a large sheet of fabric with a painted heart on it. The bride and groom were each given a pair of scissors and told to cut around the heart from the bottom to the top.  The person who cut round the heart and reached the top first would be the boss in the marriage!  Not sure how accurate a predictive tool it is, but it was so much fun!

Then we headed back to the Gatwick Manor Hotel for some more photos.  Firstly, I spent some time with the happy couple who needed no prompting to get the romance going!  Then photos played another important part in the proceedings.  The bride and groom had really given a lot of thought to ways to get all the guests mingling and breaking down any language barriers (though in fairness most of the German contingent spoke great English and put us English folk to shame with our lack of language skills).  Every one was given an envelope with half of a photograph in it of Anton and Christine.  They had to tour around and meet everyone to find the other half of the photograph, and then visit the photo station with their ‘other half’ for a selfie.  The resulting images were then hung up in the reception room and I’m pretty sure that some friendships were forged along the way!

All in all, it was a day that was was not just marked by the love and romance between the couple (although they had that in spades!) but also by the love they had shown everyone else and the thought they had put into the planning of their day to make sure that everyone was involved and had a great time.  Gorgeous couple, fabulous day!

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