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West Sussex Newborn Photography in the Studio

At approaching 9 weeks, Henry here was quite a lot over the age limit that I would normally recommend for a traditional newborn session.  At this age, they are much more engaged with their surroundings and much more prone to waking once moved (not to mention quite a lot harder to get to sleep in a studio environment that they always find very interesting to stay awake and look at!).  Still, if you have missed the magic 2 – 3 week window, then all is not lost.  There are still some great photographs that we can create and generally speaking with a little bit of patience, feeding and cuddling (the babies, not me!) then we can usually get some sleepy shots at some point during the session.

I’d still recommend the perfect age for a fully sleepy (and potentially unclothed) session as being 10 – 14 days but it’s a very hectic time when you’ve had a new baby so don’t panic if you’ve gone over this limit.   Just get in touch and I’m happy to talk through some different options for you.

When you book your newborn session, don’t forget you also get free membership to the Joey Club baby photography scheme (normal price £39.95) which offers you three sessions in your baby’s first year, plus a triple aperture wall frame with your favourite image from each session at the end of the year.

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